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Products Liability

Product manufacturers, designers, and distributors are responsible for making safe products for their consumers. Product liability claims allow people who have been injured due to hazardous manufacturing and faulty products to seek compensation for their injuries. Trust your potential claim to the personal injury lawyers at Dyer, Coatney & Acuña.

Common Products Liability Claims

We are here to help you receive the maximum, fair compensation for your products liability claim. Some of the most common cases of Oklahoma products liability claims include injuries resulting from:

  • Household appliance spark, shock and fire hazards
  • Hazardous toys
  • Unsafe children’s car seats and strollers
  • Hazardous tools
  • Faulty cars or car parts
  • Defective electronics

If you’ve been a victim of a faulty or dangerous medical device or drug, read more about Defective Drugs and Medical Devices.

Let Us Evaluate Your Claim

Manufacturers, designers, and distributors are required to provide consumers proper warning about product hazards. When they don’t, you and your family are put at risk for serious injuries or even death. You’re often not the only one who has been a victim to a faulty product. We have experience in product recalls and class action lawsuits. Our lawyers will be able to guide you through any legal proceedings for your injuries resulting from a faulty or hazardous product.

Have you or a loved one suffered injuries as the result of a faulty or hazardous product? Contact the Oklahoma personal injury lawyers at Dyer, Coatney & Acuña.